5 Home Improvement Trends in 2018

One of the perks to being a homeowner is that you’re able to create your own design; your able to put your own special touches in the design, something you cannot do if you are renting.

Every year, renovation trends change, and new and innovative ideas are developed. Whether you just want a change in décor or a full renovation, for 2018, the trends are fabulous.

  • Floral – big, bold floral prints are back in style for 2018, whether its throw pillows or drapery, using contrasting colors will give your room a fresh new look.
  • Flooring – whether it is tile or hardwood, flooring in bold colors and geometric shapes will give any room a spectacular look especially in small rooms.
  • Cabinets – Dark and bulky are out; the 2018 trend for cabinets is light to medium textured wood. It adds a warm and inviting feeling to any room.
  • Warm Colors – white will no longer be the color of choice, warm and inviting neutral colors are trending in 2018; using a soft color palette will make your home stand out.
  • Hardware – the 2018 trend for hardware is no shiny metal pieces! Matte metal is warm and inviting and will complete any room.

Your home will most likely be the biggest purchase you will make. When it comes to decorating, making sure you keep up with what’s trending to give your home the ‘wow’ factor. Your home can be the showplace of the neighborhood.