Bathroom Remodeling

Choosing the right company makes the difference.

Is your bathroom outdated? Does your bathroom give you that “Spa” feeling or is it dark with outdated wallpaper? Do you still have the green tub and shower surround? If your home’s bathrooms look like they were built in the 80’s or before, and you haven’t thought about remodeling your bathroom, now might be the time.

An outdated bathroom, can leave you feeling unhappy at the least. Bathrooms are the rooms we interact with multiple times of the day. And, with this room in your home being exposed to more water than any other room, you could have mold and mildew problems or even plumbing problems that would be easier addressed in a bathroom makeover.

  • Custom Design
  • Top Brands
  • In-house Installers
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • A Proven Process

A more modern and desirable bathroom does more than increasing the resell value. New showers can be therapeutic and save on water usage. Brighter lighting can help you get ready in the morning for work or for the day. Depending on space and the rooms around the bathroom, much can be done to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Undertaking a bathroom remodel yourself is inadvisable. Electricians, plumbers and the other specialty companies that need to be involved regardless if you DIY your bathroom, means you should make it simple on yourself and work with Imagine Home Center. We can provide you with options that are almost impossible for a weekend project warrior, like changing the layout. Bathrooms are also notorious at leading to more work. If you start demolition on a bathroom yourself, you may find some surprises you didn’t know existed and need to call in an expert anyway. Now, you are down a bathroom until a professional can get there.

At Imagine Home Center, we have everything for your remodel project and can custom design your bathroom with your needs and style in mind. From the right flooring options for the bathroom, to sinks, showers, tubs and tile, we don’t send you running around town to gather all the pieces. We provide guidance and can point you to materials that are timeless and prioritize value to give you a bathroom that looks like it came from a magazine or TV show.

From a simple powder room to a master en’ suite, functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel. First and foremost, we make sure the plumbing is right, from there we can recommend many changes even for small bathrooms. Medicine cabinets that are recessed, wall-hung toilets, or a window in the shower to provide natural light. Glass shower walls or tiled showers are very nice and many new homes in Mandan and Bismarck North Dakota have them installed during construction and is something you would love.

We also guarantee our workmanship. If you have a problem, you only have one call to make.

Brands We Recommend Dura Supreme, HomeCrest, Hanstone Quartz. Coldsping

Tip: For small bathrooms, often customers want a pedestal sink or a vessel sink to give that modern look, but choose carefully. Pedestal sinks offer zero hidden storage and hardly any deck space. A bowl that sits above the counter provides more under the counter storage, but are tougher to keep clean and have less surface space. A custom vanity solves both problems, providing the largest deck space, ample under counter storage, and is easy to keep clean. We carry many cabinet choices that will look amazing in your bathroom, different countertops to give you the style you want, all the while making it easy to keep your bathroom clean.